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Convenience Route
Convenience Route


Travesia de Roca 1-3
46134 Foios


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 961 491106
Fax: +34 961 494622

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Over 50 years at the head of Quality
Vicente Peris is one of the leading fruit and vegetable distribution companies with the greatest recognition and prestige in the Spanish market. Our careful selection is appreciated by both well-known chefs and all households that enjoy authentic flavours. Both Vicente Peris and his descendants have been, and still are, among the few experts with such deep knowledge of the farming and selection of the best fruit and vegetables. We base our philosophy on offering maximum quality to each one of our customers, providing them with the best and freshest products available in the market.
We consider it our duty to collaborate in spreading the word among our consumers and citizens in general about the importance of acquiring healthy habits. Throughout the years we have shared with Spanish households, we have tried to adapt our produce to the needs and tastes of a society that is in constant evolution. Listening to consumers, discovering their wishes and satisfying their expectations quickly and efficiently form one of our main commitments.