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Autopista Medellin-Bogota Bodegas 1-4, KM 31
Guarne, Antioquia, , 054055


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +57 4 5301706

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Westfalia Fruit Colombia has played a pivotal role in setting the stringent standards required for satisfying the demands of export markets such as Europe and the USA. Running two world-class packhouses to service its own orchards and those of over 100 associated local growers, WFC began exporting avocados to Europe in 2012. The operation packs only 100% export-quality, Category 1 fruit, and is determined to change outdated perceptions about the Colombian avocado industry.

The first organisation to recognise Colombia’s potential as a new avocado origin, the Westfalia Fruit Group brought specialised technical expertise into the fledgling industry in the form of production, logistics, cooling and packing proficiency, followed shortly by its superior plant material which will be of enormous long-term benefit to the industry.

WFC currently has 130,000 trees planted in high-density orchards, but plans to double this figure in the short-to-medium term. Within a few years, the company would be exporting around 10,000 to 15,000 metric tons (MT) of fruit coming from its own orchards, plus an additional 15,000 metric tons coming from third-party growers.

The operation intends increasing its exports to the US, offering transit times shorter than a week. Colombia can deliver one day earlier than Mexico when exporting to the US East coast. The Chinese and Japanese markets opened recently for Colombian avocados.

Westfalia Fruit follows the best possible agricultural and manufacturing practices, focussing on fruit quality and on doing things right, from its nurseries to its farms, from packing and shipping to marketing practices. An ongoing commitment to social and environmental sustainability is also integral to the Group's business strategy, setting an example for other industry players to follow.