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No. 1 Yalongjiang Road YTETDZ


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +86 535 6392216
Fax: +86 535 6392200

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Founded in Yantai, Shangdong in 2004, Yantai Yitian Food Co., Ltd. specializes in growing and exporting Chinese high-quality fruits & vetegtables, with expertise in global produce supply chain.

We continuously supply high-quality Chinese produces to EMEA market. It provides Chinese speciality to foreign consumers , it also brings original favour to oversea Chinese.

Committed to high standards of food quality and safety, Yantai Yitian becomes a reliable business partner for high-quality produces trade.

Being a key member in global produce supply chain, we are keen on sustainable development and innovation:

-Resourceful produce supply organized by expert team
We do supply high-quality produces from various places across China in every of the four seasons.The supply is organized by our expert team according to respective categories.

- Own brand management
In order to supply selected Chinese Apple, Chinese Ginger, Garlic and Pamelo, we have esablished our own brand --- Yitian.

We've implemented end-to-end quality control:
  • Starting from the growing, we have used a Pesticide Control System to trace the produce back to each grower;
  • We have strictly applied international Quality Standards to storage & delivery processes;
  • We have used entire cold-chain logistics from packaging to ditribution.