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Yunnan Jiangchuan Huihai Farm Produce Co., Ltd.


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Yu Village, Qianwei Town, Jianchuan County


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +86 877 8331668
Fax: +86 877 8332106

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Shenzhen Maoxiong Co., Ltd has been established as an integrated entity engages in most every sector of the produce business, including growing, processing, warehousing, logistic and distribution. Equipped with the latest facilities enabling best quality product be delivered to our customers.

We have also been awarded with the SGS HACCP, SGS GlobalGAP Certificate, and accredited produce supplier to Hong Kong and Macau. 

Processing facilities 20,000 sq. meters, cold storage 5,000 sq. meters, these could well reveal our magnitude. Taking advantage of the climatic differences in the vast country and to ensure steady supply, we have farms located in various parts of China. Beijing 233 hectares, Guangdong 133 hectares, Kunming 200 hectares and Fujian 100 hectares. It has always been our goal to up scaling the quality of our staff embers as well as general standards of our facilities to ensure top quality service be delivered.