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Karitsa Pieria
60100 Katerini


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 2351053559
Fax: +30 2351053901

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ZEUS KIWI was established in 1991 at Karitsa Pieria, Macedonia, Greece. It commenced its activities with the cultivation, production, standardisation, packing and trading of kiwi. It then expanded in the cultivation, packing and trading of plums, peaches, nectarines, strawberries, seedless grapes and other fruit. The Packhouse covers 5500 sq. meters with very modern sorting lines and extensive cold storage facilities. Within ten years from its inception, Zeus has achieved a 12% share of the total Greek production and trade of kiwi and has become a coveted supplier to the most demanding markets of the European Union and the United States. 80% of Zeus produce now goes to the major supermarkets of Europe.

The ultra modern equipment in use at ZEUS, the highly trained and specialist work force and the close supervision of production from the field to the retailer guarantee the top quality that even the most demanding of today's consumer rightly expects. We at ZEUS are at the vanguard in every facet of modern production, sorting and packing methods in our ultra modern facility.

Every year ZEUS invests in updating and training it's professional workforce in all new developments relevant to our field of work. By participating in all major seminars and exhibitions in Greece and abroad, our managers have acquired the experience necessary for maintaining the high quality and safety of our products. The close co-operation with Universities, Institutes and Horticultural establishments all over the world enables ZEUS to constantly improve and develop our range of products.