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Houxizu Donkeng Village Banzai Town Pinghe County


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +86 5356392216
Fax: +86 5356392200

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Zhangzhou Yitian Food Co., Ltd was founded in 2013, located in Pinghe county,Zhangzhou city, which is the hometown of honey pomelos.The company mainly engages in pomelo plantation,processing and export business.
Zhangzhou Yitian company owns 800 hectares of pomelo production base. We can ensure the excellent quality of the materials with advantageous location, strict management system, mature farm operation procedure, and ensure the excellent quality of products with scientific management, strict processing technology and carefully selection.
Since 2013, we have been acquired the GLOBAL GAP certificate for 4 years.Base on good corporate reputation and excellent quality, we built stable network in EU and the Middle East, and became the direct supplier to LIDL supermarket. Our high-quality products and excellent service have been unanimously praised by the customers.The company signed long term purchasing contract with Dubai TRI-BENEFITS INTERNATIONAL L.L.C and Holland PING FRUIT BV, and built good business cooperation relationship.
Our aim is Integrity-based, Eco-friendly, Pollution-free, Healthy life. We devote ourselves to produce and supply safe and fresh fruits and vegetables. “Nature produce, quality life” is our everlasting pursuit.