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Telefon: +44 1294 842 000

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bpi agriculture’s innovative greenhouse and tunnel films deliver exceptional agronomic results for growers worldwide. Developed in partnership with leading plant scientists, our products can increase crop yield and enhance taste, colour and fragrance.

The Lumisol range benefits from the ongoing input of bpi agriculture's global research partners, working at different latitudes and in various climates around the world - from Northern Europe to the Mediterranean basin and Australasia. Benefits you can expect from Lumisol include:
  • Extending seasons
  • Hardier crops
  • Unrivalled crop quality
  • Improved control of economically import pests and diseases
  • Temperature control
  • Anti-fog properties

Our Luminance greenhouse film combines great thermic and light transmission properties. Its high diffusion characteristics help control the temperature and, thanks to its special formulation, it can reduce infra-red radiation.

Conventional shading films can reduce infra-red radiation but also remove a significant amount of the beneficial light in the PAR range essential to healthy plant growth. In contrast, the thermal barrier of Luminance works to prevent the problem of heat build-up by reducing the amount of short wavelength infra-red light entering the tunnel, as well as allowing high levels of useful PAR light through so it goes deeper in to the plant canopy. This way, the plants continue to receive all the sunlight they need to grow but unwanted heat build-up and consequent plant scorching is significantly reduced.

Our Classic tunnel film range offers cover and protection to field grown crops such as soft fruit whilst increasing crop yield and quality. With numerous technical advantages to satisfy almost any growing conditions we offer films that facilitate high light transmission in addition to films that reduce peak temperatures.