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  • Buckets-Line

    Thanks to the great experience in designing  both Tray Sealing and Filling/Sealing machinery, ILPRA presents an innovative in-line machine for bucket packaging. This line can satisfy different production needs, from small to high speed productions.  Completely customizable, it can be equipped with several automations systems such as automatic denesting unit, automatic dosing system, automatic sealing system, automatic snap on lid device and also automatic rejecting system for unsuitable buckets.…

    Description:   The horizontal electronic CAPEREA packaging machine is top of GNA srl 's range of flow-pack models. It is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and aluminum and has rounded corners to prevent product build-ups and allow easier machine cleaning. It is fit for being used in many sectors such as fruit & vegetable, bread-making, confectionery, sausage meats, pasta, etc. In fact, thanks to its high versatility, flexibility and reliability, it can package any type of solid product, whether f…
  • CFT S.P.A.

    CFT Spa - Processing Division plant und erzeugt komplette Linien und / oder Maschinen für die Verarbeitung von Obst und Gemüse, um industriellen Halb-und Fertigprodukten zu erhalten; Anlagen für klare Säfte, trübe Säfte, Fruchtpüree, Fruchtzubereitungen. UHT-Sterilisationsanlage (direkten oder indirekten) für Milch, Sahne, Milch-basierte Puddings und Desserts; aseptische Lagertanks. Anlagen für die Vorbereitung, die Pasteurisierung oder die Sterilisierung von Getränke mit niedrigen sowohl auch h…

    The cherry pitting machine/puncher is suitable for removing the pits in both sweet and sour cherries thanks to a set of punchers. The movements of the conveyor belt as well as the Heads (for punching and support) are actuated by the means of Brushless motors controlled by a PLC which keeps them perfectly synchronised. This type of movement allows to operate the machine by making it make a double movement at a time, for a standard operation, or by permitting the belt to make one forward movement …
  • Stephan Christoph

    Ansprechpartner von FRUTMAC SRL

    LOGIKA GRADERS   FUTURA designs and manufactures electronic graders that process citrus fruits with the utmost gentleness, in order to avoid any damage that might befall the products.   In order to guarantee a perfect processing of these fruits and a more efficient production, FUTURA developed two specific trolleys, Pitch 76 for small citruses such as clementines and Pitch 95 for bigger varieties of citruses. They are designed to fit perfectly the shape of the citrus fruits, to prevent the overl…

    This machine was especially designed to peel off lemon, orange and lime zest to be used for spirit production (eg. limoncello), distillation, essential oil extraction and in general for all products requiring perfect separation of zest (flavedo) from pith (albedo) without breaking the small cells containing the essential oils. This machine removes from each piece of fruit a long and thin zest ribbon retaining all essential oils inside. After zesting fruit may be processed for juice or marmalad…

    LOGIKA GRADERS   FUTURA designs and manufactures electronic graders that process dates with the utmost gentleness so as to avoid any damage to the fruits.   In order to guarantee a perfect processing of these fruits and a more efficient production, FUTURA developed a specific trolley, Pitch 76 SMALL. It is designed to fit perfectly the shape of the date, to prevent the overloading of more than one fruit on the trolley and to maximize the line filling up to 90-95%.   Dates can be sorted through c…
  • Loris Di Paolo

    Ansprechpartner von G.N.A. S.R.L.
  • DRYCE- Optical sorter with innovative technology for Frozen and Dried products

    Raytec latest innovation is the DRYCE, a new machine with innovative technology for dried and frozen products. DRYCE is a new optical sorter which represents a big revolution selecting products after drying and freezing process, rejecting all contaminants such as foreign bodies, colour defects and rotten products. This optical sorter is based on Decaray, a 10 frequencies technology with 4 colours and 6 infrared frequencies. DRYCE has a double side view with 4 cameras in total and a double transp…
  • Elixa 24 Libra

    Elixa 24 Libra ist eine gebrauchsfertige Kombination und Lösung für die Verpackung und Preisauszeichnung, mit Etikettierung von oben und unten, für den Einzelhandel und die Lebensmittelindustrie. Elixa 24 Libra arbeitet automatisch, ist benutzerfreundlich, vielseitig, sicher und braucht keine Druckluft. Sie produziert bestaussehende Verpackungen mit einer maximalen Geschwindigkeit von 24 Packungen pro Minute (nur Verpacken) oder 22 Packungen pro Minute (Wiegen + Verpacken + Etikett).
  • Elixa 30L - Next Generation

    Elixa 30L, die automatische Stretch-Verpackungsmaschine mit Technologie Elixa® der neuesten Generation ist besonders für die Verpackung von mittelgroßen Produkten geeignet. Sie unterscheidet sich von den vorherigen Serien dadurch, dass sie die höchsten Standards in Bezug auf Sicherheit, Technologie und Kosteneinsparung erreicht. Zusätzliche Fotozellen an der Zuführöffnung, Mikroschalter der neuesten Generation zur Vermeidung von Manipulationen, innovatives Design der Produktaustragung, das jeden…