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  • Fresh Produce Disinfection - BioClean

    We have taken a step back and realized that the best way to clean and disinfect ANY surface is by actually washing it! And that is what BioClean is! A Chlorine-Free Antimicrobial Treatment that works. A novel disinfection technology that utilizes the power of ORGANIC Surfactants to remove unwanted harm-ful and spoilage microorganisms from the surface of fresh produce and does not leave any harmful resi-dues. BioClean not only removed unwanted micro-organisms but also inhibits the re-adhesi…
  • Fresh Produce Edible Coatings - NutriCoat

    NutriCoat is a collection of pre and post-harvest edible coating systems that create a natural barrier between the fruits skin and the atmosphere. NutriCoat creates an odor-less and tasteless thin film (only a few nm thick – practi-cally invisible to the naked eye) around the fruits outer skin, adapting the fruit’s membrane gas permeability and changing the way it interacts with the atmosphere. In a nutshell, NutriCoat creates a MA (Modified Atmosphere) system on each individual fruit. The M…
  • Fresh Shrimp and Crustacean Treatment - SeaFresh

    SeaFresh is a novel anti-melanosis treatment specifically designed to inhibit browning and blackening of fresh Crustacean. Applied in a simple bath, SeaFresh binds to the enzymes responsible for the melanosis and completely inhibits the darkening reactions. In contrast with sodium metabisulphite solutions, which are corrosive and can cause serious and expensive damage to plant and equipment in processing factories. SeaFresh is very easy to use and completely non-residual. A simple 2 minute bat…
  • Fresh-Cut Potato Treatment - Potato Wash

    Nutriac's Potato Wash is a fresh-cut potato treatment designed specificaly for the busy environment of the catering industry. A simple wash will keep the spiced potatoes fresh and bright, ready to cook for up to 3 days! Protects the fresh-cut potatoes and chips from discoulouration Keeps fresh-cut potatoes and chips fresh for up to 3days Reduces the frying time by up to 20% Retain the bright color of potatoes after frying With less than 1c cost per kilogram of potatoes
  • Nutriac UG

    Industrielösungen mit wissenschaftlichem Ansatz NUTRIAC ist ein Unternehmen für Lebensmittelwissenschaft und -technologie. Unser Expertenteam widmet sich der Entwicklung und Erprobung innovativer Lösungen zur Verlängerung der Haltbarkeit für die Frischwaren- und Lebensmittelindustrie weltweit.
  • Shelf Life Extension Formulations - NutriFresh

    NutriFresh® is a range of innovative Shelf-Life Extension solutions with Anti Browning and Firming properties that extend the shelf-life of fresh-cut fruits and vegetable such as apples, pears, melons, avocadoes, bananas etc for up to 21 days. The unique synergistic blend of antioxidants, minerals and organic components, inhibits the discoloration that is caused by the produce’s natural response to trauma (such as enzymes like Polyphenol Oxidases-PPOs, etc). The NutriFresh® range of formulatio…