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  • Cold stores machinery

    The plant room with GEA Grasso screw Packages serving freezer rooms ,Banana ripening rooms, Garlic stores, fruits & vegetable storage rooms. To maintain optimum operational conditions , two of the compressor packages are provided with VFD ( 15 Hz to 60Hz operation) and rest of the compressors packages are provided with soft starters.
  • GEA GRADE Refrigeration LLC

    Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
    GRADE Refrigeration LLC is a joint venture company of GEA and ADEAREST. GRADE is serving the Middle East and North Africa market. GRADE combines the local engineering, service, manufacturing and execution capacity with the high quality European components, spare parts and innovative project solutions in the field of industrial refrigeration. We are dedicated to serve our customers in MENA market and are able to meet their expanding needs to deliver high quality products in a competitive environm…