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  • Cauquen Argentina S.A.

    Cauquen Argentina is a firm engaged in the consumer needs with high quality natural foods, produced with special care of the environment and those involved in their daily. As from our rural states where we produce an ample variety of fruits, including their processing, packing and final delivery to both domestic and international markets, our detailed involvement ensures quality and freshness.
  • Fuji

    This variety was cultivated in Japan. The diameter of the fruit is on average 75 mm, weight is 200-250 grams. The surface is greenish-yellow with a faint tinge of pink, dry and smooth. The shape is oblong. The flesh is with a pronounced flavor, sweet and juicy. The gathering is carried out in October; storage is possible until May in a refrigerator.
  • Golden

    This is one of the most attractive varieties. When harvesting green, the fruits acquire a yellow-golden color when fully ripe. The shape is oblong, fruits are uniform-size, weighing 90-120 grams. The flesh is sweet and juicy, with a caramel flavor. The variety is universally applicable, suitable for processing and eating. Apples are usually harvested in the first ten days of October, and stored until April.
  • Red Chief

    The fruits of this variety are bright red, large, weighing up to 370 grams. They have an oblong, slightly conical shape. The flesh is cream-colored with pronounced flavor, firm and juicy. The variety can be easily transported and stored for a long time, preserving its properties and appearance. The crops are harvested at the end of September, but apples afterripen in December, and are preserved until spring.
  • Royal Gala

    It is an early-winter New Zealand variety. Fruits are medium-sized, weighing 115-145 grams. The shape is round-conical. The color of the fruit is yellow with an orange-red blush, the peel is dense. The taste of the fruit is sour-sweet, the flesh is juicy and crispy, with a granular structure.