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  • Fuji

    This variety was cultivated in Japan. The diameter of the fruit is on average 75 mm, weight is 200-250 grams. The surface is greenish-yellow with a faint tinge of pink, dry and smooth. The shape is oblong. The flesh is with a pronounced flavor, sweet and juicy. The gathering is carried out in October; storage is possible until May in a refrigerator.
  • Golden

    This is one of the most attractive varieties. When harvesting green, the fruits acquire a yellow-golden color when fully ripe. The shape is oblong, fruits are uniform-size, weighing 90-120 grams. The flesh is sweet and juicy, with a caramel flavor. The variety is universally applicable, suitable for processing and eating. Apples are usually harvested in the first ten days of October, and stored until April.
  • Polynatural Holding Spa

    Polynatural, the company known for developing Shel-Life ®, a 100% natural, chemical free and organic coating to extend the life of fresh fruits. Shel-Life delivers 1x to 5x, resistance to rot incidence and dehydration compared to non-coated fruit and delivers the same performance compared to traditional chemical waxes in a natural way. The new standard for extending the life of fruit is commercially available for: Oranges, Lemons, Easy Peelers, Apples, Pears, Plums, Nectarines and Cherries. T…
  • Red Chief

    The fruits of this variety are bright red, large, weighing up to 370 grams. They have an oblong, slightly conical shape. The flesh is cream-colored with pronounced flavor, firm and juicy. The variety can be easily transported and stored for a long time, preserving its properties and appearance. The crops are harvested at the end of September, but apples afterripen in December, and are preserved until spring.
  • Royal Gala

    It is an early-winter New Zealand variety. Fruits are medium-sized, weighing 115-145 grams. The shape is round-conical. The color of the fruit is yellow with an orange-red blush, the peel is dense. The taste of the fruit is sour-sweet, the flesh is juicy and crispy, with a granular structure.