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  • Apple trays

    We are the first producer of apple trays in Ukraine. Currently we produce the following types of trays: 1. The unique shape of our SMART trays has been developed in conjunction with the leader of the European market of apple packaging. By optimizing the size of the tray, we were able to load 1 more trays during sea transportation in containers 2. The trays of 500x300 type allow apples to be transported in bushel boxes and at the same time provide maximum product protection and ensure a present…
  • Berry trays

    Transportation of berries is a very delicate matter that requires packaging, which would help the product to preserve its freshness, integrity and high quality presentation. Made of the natural biodegradable material, our containers perfectly meet these demands. The container of paper pulp, in contrast to the plastic analogues, has absorbent properties, breathability. The packaging is made of environmentally friendly materials, in accordance with the international standards FSSC 22000.
  • Melon trays

    The lattest market trends and consumer preferences today require manufacturers to produce the package that combines two important tasks - compliance with environmental standards and the preservation of consumer qualities of the product. Packaging for melons provides manufacturers with such advantages: allows to significantly reduce the percentage of losses in the rejection of the product; enables longer shelf life, providing the product with freshness and excellent presentation.
  • SEM Eco Pack

    SEM Eco Pack has a unique production technology of an entirely new, environmentally friendly products on the market of packaging materials. Our mission is to provide our customers around the world with high-quality and environmentally friendly packaging, thus we guarantee the price flexibility and fast adaptability to market requirements. Our advantages Product protection The trays are designed to prevent any damage to the products, their contact with each other, as well as for safe contact of …
  • Vacuum-forming machine

    Vacuum-forming machine is designed for the manufacturing of packaging products for various purposes from paper pulp by the method of formation.