5 Ergebnisse

  • Operations Manager MEGHRAS Abdelghani

    Fachbesucher von SOEMA SARL
    Looking for parnterships Berries, tomatoes, peppers
  • George Jelbart

    Fachbesucher von Fairbanks Seeds
    Sales Manager
  • Lisa Liang

    Fachbesucher von Australia Killala Creek Citrus
    Marketing Director
    Australian grown murcott, hickons fruits, oranges, grapefruits, mango, cherry, nectarine and table grapes.
  • Abdallah Logdali

    Organic Farmer
    Partners for export and import organic products organic goods
  • Anne Vitug

    Fachbesucher von BGP international Pty Ltd
    Executive Assistant
    We strive to provide customers with high quality fresh produce all year round. To do this, we work with our partners to market their fresh produce to customers across Asia-Pacific. We work with customers throughout Asia Pacific, and packer-partners in Egypt, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, India, New Zealand and the USA.