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  • Vandita Agarwal

    Fachbesucher von Fresh Food Co EU
    Business Executive
    Fresh Food Co EU uses a web portal to collect critical business information; the company operates separate web pages for its customers and suppliers where these stakeholders are able to process vendor registration, account opening information and completing administrative due diligence through the use of this portal. Exotic Fruits, Specialty Vegetables, Asian Vegetables, Fresh Herbs and Gourmet Produce
  • Master SAID AGHZOU

    Fachbesucher von VALYOUR
    IMPORTEURE TRANSPORTER Großhändler / Händler Einzelhändler WASSERMELONE
  • Eugenio Martínez

    Avellano Europeo
    Maquinaria: descascaradora, tostadora, calibradora, molienda Avellana Europea
  • Pierre Prouteau

    Fachbesucher von BioAtlantis
    Market Developer
    Directors, technical experts and professional growers of Grapes, Apples, Cherry, Prunes, Walnut, Pineapples, Tea, Citrus, Tomato. New agronomic inputs tried and tested in the field offering solutions to -caliber (marketable class), -alternate bearing, -uniform harvesting, -improved flowering and yields.
  • Sebastian Ulloa

    Fachbesucher von Frustock
    Import/Distribution partners for hass avocados. We offer Chilean Hass avocado in carton box 4 kg.