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5 Ergebnisse

  • Dr. agr. Johannes Eisenbach

    Fachbesucher von BNS Biocyclic Network Services Ltd.
    Production and Export Management O.M.E.N. LTD / Panhellenic Biocyclic Vegan Network
    Buyers for organic and biocyclic vegan certified products. Online shops. Multiplyers and influencers regarding the benefits of stockfree veganic biocyclic vegan farming. Sourcing of all kinds of organic and biocyclic vegan (veganic) certified products with special emphasis on Greece, Cyprus and Germany. Expertise in organis and biocylic vegan (veganic) agriculture.
  • MBA Dawn Hines

    Fachbesucher von Les Saveurs du Sud
    Managing Partner
    Fresh mango: June - July Dried mango: August - March
  • Master 2 pro en Commerce et Management Maguette Mbaye Kende

    Fachbesucher von Etablissement Maguette Mbaye kende (E2MK)
    Manager General
    I am looking for a partnership for exports of onions, carrots and potatoes to Senegal because I am one of the importing traders and I am a quota beneficiary
  • Mouhammad SAMB

    Fachbesucher von NOTTO AI
    Sales Manager
    Importers - Manufacturers - Wholesale/Distributor Fresh & dried organic mangoes (Senegal) / Strawberries / Other fresh fruits and vegetables on demand
  • Responsable des achats et marchés Sokhna Aïssatou Haïri Gana SECK

    Fachbesucher von ABOUBAKRY GROUP