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8 Ergebnisse

  • M.A. Jean Marie Goudiaby

    Fachbesucher von Katipa International Trade
    Producer and exporter
    UK importers, supermarkets, Netherland importers Organic and conventionnal produce: onions, butternut, mangoes, melons (yellow honeydew, Galia, Charentais), watermelons, hot pepper (Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, Bird's eye chili, ...), fonio, cashew nuts (raw and processed), sesame, green onions...
  • MBA Dawn Hines

    Fachbesucher von Les Saveurs du Sud
    Managing Partner
    Fresh mango: June - July Dried mango: August - March
  • Master 2 pro en Commerce et Management Maguette Mbaye Kende

    Fachbesucher von Etablissement Maguette Mbaye kende (E2MK)
    Manager General
    I am looking for a partnership for exports of onions, carrots and potatoes to Senegal because I am one of the importing traders and I am a quota beneficiary
  • Levan Lebanidze

    Fachbesucher von LLC Blue Valley
    LLC Blue Valley, Partner
    We are looking for partners to sell our product. In June we can offer premium quality blueberry of different varieties in 0.5 kg, 250 g or 125 g punnets.
  • Nino Melitauri

    Fachbesucher von Expertise and Management Team Global
    Executive director
    We have two research branches. The first is trade consulting and management for export and import, entry barriers analysis on specific markets, based on our expert knowledge and statistical/econometric/data science analysis, and the other, is investment portfolio management. The broad list of what we offer as services covers e.g. Competitiveness Analyses at the level of a country, an industry, or a farm. As a result, we can figure out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or risks. We have in o…
  • Director - partner Oktai Ozturki

    Pomelo - asparagus- avocado
  • Mouhammad SAMB

    Fachbesucher von NOTTO AI
    Sales Manager
    Importers - Manufacturers - Wholesale/Distributor Fresh & dried organic mangoes (Senegal) / Strawberries / Other fresh fruits and vegetables on demand
  • Responsable des achats et marchés Sokhna Aïssatou Haïri Gana SECK

    Fachbesucher von ABOUBAKRY GROUP