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19 Ergebnisse

  • Mohammad Akhavipour

    Planning and R&D Manager
    new production lines for processing fruits and plans. Processed fruits and plants which are 100 percent natural, delicious taste and good texture with long shelf-life 100 percent natural dried fruits and herbs
  • Micaela Albornoz

    Fachbesucher von Peterson Control Union Group
    Commercial Executive
    Control Union Norte forma parte del holding privado internacional Peterson Control Union Group, líder en el mercado del Control Integral de Garantías, en los servicios de Control de Calidad de productos agropecuarios y Certificaciones Agroalimentarias. Con base en Tucumán, en Control Union Norte administramos más de 80.000 m2 de depósitos brindando servicios de almacenaje y controles integrales de garantías. Además contamos con una planta logística multimodal ubicada estratégicamente en el…
  • Alejandro Delacroix

    Fachbesucher von Global Consulting Group
  • Prof. Eduardo Andrés Erbetta

    Fachbesucher von Consorcio Citrícola Concordia SA
    Coach & Food Engineer
    We are looking for commercial links with fruit trading companies. Fresh Fruit from Argentina: Blueberries and Citrus
  • Sebastian Fruchart

    Fachbesucher von Federal Investment Council
    Technician at FIDER Area
    Within its scope of activities, the CFI provides commercial assistance to Argentine companies to contribute to their business success. For that purpose, the CFI has organized over 190 trade missions abroad, allowing 10,000 micro-, small- and medium-sized companies to exhibit their products at international trade shows and to participate in previously arranged business rounds. The CFI also performs a series of training activities to offer companies the knowledge they need to opérate in fore…
  • Ms, Jimena Herrera

    Fachbesucher von MONTEVER S.A.
    Commercial Manager
    Importers, supermarkets, distributors Apples, pears, packhams triumph, packhams, packham's, williams, williams bartlett, bartlett, bartlett's, beurre d'anjou, d'anjou, red d'anjou, red bartlett, giffard, winter bartlett, summer bartlett, royal gala, gala, red delicious, cripps pink, pink lady, granny smith
  • Commercial Executive Flavia Ibañez

  • eng. Samaneh Khataei

    Fachbesucher von Zaveh Torbat Cement
    Greenhouse Manager
  • Santiago Lyons

    Fachbesucher von Fruit World S.A.
    Commercial Manager for Exports
    Importers, supermarkets, distributors Pears -> Bartlett's; William's Bartlett; Autumn Bartlett; Winter Bartlett; Summer Bartlett; Beurre D'Anjou; Red D'Anjou; Red Bartlett; Packhams Triumph // Apples --> Royal Gala, Gala, Red Delicious, Cripps Pink, Pink Lady, Granny Smith Packaging Offered --> Pears : 4/5 Pear Carton Box (18Kg) ; Standard Carton Box (18 KG); 9,5Kg Carton Box ---> Apples : Mark IV 18 Kgs Carton Box, 19 Kgs Carton Box ; Open Top Carton Box
  • Dr in International Relations ELSA MARINUCCI

  • Mezzabotta MEZZABOTTA

    Fachbesucher von TransModal Worldwide Logistics
  • Mojtaba Moradian

    Fachbesucher von Liana Green Nature Initiative Ltd
    Dear Wholesalers and distributors who are looking for high quality Iranian fresh fruits and a reliable export company in Iran, we are ready to have a long time cooperation in this field with you ! We offer fresh fruits of Iran, proudly Fresh Kiwi, Orange, Apple and Grape. We control 95% of all processes from plantations to final product. We focus on standard packaging and ready for end-consumer. Our packaging are all food safety certified. Our products are going to many big hypermarkets in Gulf…