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119 Ergebnisse

  • mahmoud mahmoud ali

    Fachbesucher von afkaR advertising agency
  • Mohamed M. Ali

    Fachbesucher von Ancient Agent kft.
    Business Development Manager.
    We search for fresh produce importers from the EU who are willing to have an amazing importing experience from Egypt. We offer the service of sourcing and finding the right fresh produce supplier in Egypt. We always bring in amazing deals !
  • teacher, fruit and berry grower anders alpadie

  • MD Hafez Aly

    Fachbesucher von HFP
    Manging Director
    Promotional offers: 1. Strawberry 720 cartons, C&F KUL, HK, SIN $11/carton 2.5kg 2. Navel Oranges Telescopic or open top 15KG carton class 1 C&F KUL, HK, SIN $ 8.8/carton 15KG In addition, we are also exporting Valencia Oranges ranging from sizes 46, 56,64,72, 80,88, 100,113, 120 packed in either telescopic or open top. Also, Morkat Manderian in all sizes . If you are interested, please forward me your specifications and I would be more than willing to send you an offer. I look forward…
  • A.kareem ameen

    Fachbesucher von BioGreen eg
    Business Development Manager
    Companies looking for Organic medical herb and vegetables Chamomile (Organic), Peppermint (Organic), Parsley (Organic), Basil, Black Seeds, Fennel Seed, Quinoa (Organic), Red and Gold Onion, Dried Garlic , Dried Onion
  • Eng Ahmed Ameen

    Fachbesucher von Oshena
    Vorstandsmitglied der Oshena Company
    Auf der Suche nach potenziellen Handelspartnern, insbesondere solchen, die sich für ägyptische frische Früchte interessieren, insbesondere für ägyptische frische Orangen. Andere Anfragen sind auf Anfrage verhandelbar. Vor allem die ägyptische Bio-Frischorange, bei der alle Produktspezifikationen und -standards perfekt eingehalten werden, Auch jede Art der ägyptischen Bio-Obst und Gemüse mit wettbewerbsfähigen Preisen.
  • Mohamed Amer

    Fachbesucher von NOVO FRUITS
  • Mariam Amin

    Fachbesucher von Oshena Co.
    Board Member @Oshena Co., Exports and Imports Manager
    Looking for potential partners in trade, specifically those who are interested in Egyptian fresh fruits, particularly Egyptian Fresh Oranges. Other Requests are negotiable on demand. All our exports perfectly meet the products' specifications and standards with competitive prices.

    Fachbesucher von LOLA TRADING
    Importers/Distributors of fresh fruit interested mainly in Limes. In Natura limes, with possibility to open to other fruits like oranges, watermelon, mangos etc
  • Walid Assem

    Fachbesucher von Farm2Fork
    Founder & Export Consultant
    Orange, Lemons, Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Grapes, Strawberry, Potatoes, Onion, Garlic
  • APRIMIG Associação dos Produtores Rurais Integrados de Minas Gerais

  • Abdelhakim Atwa

    Fachbesucher von Queisna For Agriculture Development Company
    General Manager
    We seek about good and trusted suppliers with high quality products theae products to be suitable to the Egyptian producers conditions