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61 Ergebnisse

  • Micaela Albornoz

    Fachbesucher von Peterson Control Union Group
    Commercial Executive
    Control Union Norte forma parte del holding privado internacional Peterson Control Union Group, líder en el mercado del Control Integral de Garantías, en los servicios de Control de Calidad de productos agropecuarios y Certificaciones Agroalimentarias. Con base en Tucumán, en Control Union Norte administramos más de 80.000 m2 de depósitos brindando servicios de almacenaje y controles integrales de garantías. Además contamos con una planta logística multimodal ubicada estratégicamente en el…
  • Tomás Barbosa

    Fachbesucher von Hiberries
    Sales Manager
    Hiberries is seeking reliable and sustainable partnerships in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Sweeden or Finland. However, we are always available to hear any project. Raspberry.
  • Kyiv Branch Manager Vyacheslav Bezruk

    Fachbesucher von CMA CGM Shipping Agency Ukraine
    Kyiv Branch Manager
    Looking to meet importers and exporters of reefer cargo to and from Ukraine first of all. World class multimodal container transport and value added services with industry reference reefer expertise and deep local knowledge from global leading shipping line CMA CGM with HO in Marseilles, France.
  • Andrii Bilousov

    Fachbesucher von EWC
  • Alexander Bychkov

    Fachbesucher von TM “Oh, my Garden!“ by MAS Ukraine
  • CEO Simao Cabral

    We are looking for Importers / buyers / retailers of fresh blueberries. Our preferential export countries are: Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Denmark. We offer the best quality of fresh Portuguese blueberries. Blueberries Fruits from end of May until end of September. We offer the best quality of fresh Portuguese blueberries.
  • Bernardo Costa

    Fachbesucher von Aerobotics
    Head of Global Partnerships
  • Alejandro Delacroix

    Fachbesucher von Global Consulting Group
  • Daniel Emidio

    Fachbesucher von Planafarm
    CEO & Founder
    Importers, Wholesalers or any interested in Portuguese fruits and vegetables A specialized team that will manage the orders for you directly with the suppliers, dealing with all logistic aspects right to your door. Tell us what you need and we will provide you with the best options, always keeping you in direct contact with the suppliers.
  • Prof. Eduardo Andrés Erbetta

    Fachbesucher von Consorcio Citrícola Concordia SA
    Coach & Food Engineer
    We are looking for commercial links with fruit trading companies. Fresh Fruit from Argentina: Blueberries and Citrus
  • Gonçalo Ferreira

    Fachbesucher von Leocadia´s Heritage Lda
    General Manager
    Blueberries, Soft Fruits, Organic Soft Fruits, Raspberries, Blackberries, ... SoftFruits, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Red Currants, Organic Blueberries, Organic Raspberries

    Fachbesucher von Frubaca - Cooperativa Hortofruticultores, CRL