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11085 Ergebnisse

  • "Extra" Baby Leaf by Syngenta

    Produkt von Syngenta Seeds B.V.
    • Halle 1.2 D-16
    Shelf-life, colours and differentiated shapes for a consistent salad bag presentation are the drivers for Syngenta baby leaves assortment. You have certainly heard about Crispita red and green, Adelita batavia, multui leaves green, mini romaines... if not : Come to discover our wide and colorfull range of Babyleaves ! You want to mix color, shape and flavor in a practicle way for your growers and processors : we can provide you expertise for such challenge our specialist will be happy to shar…
  • 1-MCP

    • Halle 7.2b A-03
    1-MCP is the Most effective ethylene inhibitor A breakthrough technology in fruit storage and shipping Maintains fresh-picked quality of crops by working with natural ripening process: With 1-MCP, ethylene-sensitive crops don't respond to ethylene Eliminates the damaging affects of ethylene to keep the fresh-picked quality to the consumer. 1-MCP product can be used in several ethylene-sensitive fruits, vegetables and flowers. By effectively inhibiting the effect of endogenous and exogenous ethy…
  • 1-MCP Powder

    • Halle 27 C-07
    Chesen 1-MCP (1-methylcyclopropene) is a newly discovered biotechnological treatment, also named as ethylene blocking agent (fresh keeping agent, ethylene inhibitor, plant growth regulator, etc.), by blocking off ethylene receptors of the plants, to avoid attack of ethylene (endogenous or exogenous), thus preventing the fresh perishable produces (fruits,vegetables and flowers) from ripening or senescence.
  • 1-MCP sachet

    • Halle 27 C-07
    1-MCP Sachet is used in small spaces.
  • 10 kW REV TM Machine (Pilot Scale)

    Produkt von EnWave Corporation
    • Halle 7.1c B-08
    Core Function: Gentle and rapid dehyration Suitable For: Market trials, product innovation & testing, small-scale producers
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable film

    Produkt von Tipa-Corp
    100% biodegradable and compostable film with breakthrough high transparency and robust mechanical properties for packaging fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.
  • 1110 ASA-LIFT Kohlerntemaschine

    Produkt von Andershornstein AB
    • Halle 6.1 B-16
    für Kisten, nur 10 ha Asa-Lift MK-1000 Kohlerntemaschine für grosse Kisten, Jahre 2003. Hydraulische Gabel für gute Hantierung von die Kohl. Igelband. Hydraulische rotierende Torpeden und auch Normale Standard Torpeden Sind inkludiert. Neues Riemen in die Erntesektion. Die Maschine ist in sehr gute Zustand, hat nur total 10 hektar gegangen als Test Anbau von Kohl. Guter Zustand, nur 10 ha. Demontiert für Transport
  • 128 cells trays

    Trays suitable for flower young plants: crafted plants, vegetative reproduction. Tray in Danish size (54x30cm) with feet stackable.
  • 16 bayerische Kartoffelerzeugergemeinschaften

    • Halle 21 D-10
    Die 16 bayerischen Kartoffelerzeugergemeinschaften sorgen für eine regionale Versorgung der Verbraucher mit Kartoffeln oder liefern den Rohstoff für Pommes, Knödelteig und Co. direkt aus der Umgebung, ohne lange Transportwege .
  • 1691

    Produkt von CAPP-PLAST srl
    • Halle 2.2 B-08
    • Halle 21 D-11
  • 17L Bucket

    Produkt von Plastdiversity, LDA.
    • Halle 8.2 A-13
    Multipurpose bucket with wire and plastic handle. Resistant to heat and cold. Strong and durable.   Capacity: 17 Liters Dimensions: 25.5cm high x 18cm diameter Material: Flexible Plastic   Uses: Transport of water, sand, construction, fruit picking, among others. Available in black.
  • 2 Row seed drill corn - sunflower - cotton version

    • Halle 5.1 B-17
    Equalizer model featuring front clod remover and farm flex rear wheel (Ø350 mm, width: 120 mm). Seed hopper capacity: 35L. Distance between the rows from 25 cm to 1m, toolbar 1.50 m (standard configuration with one wheel with 10+10 shafts) Seed drill total weight: 254 Kg. Scroll type fertilizer with delivery to each row, sprocket gearbox with chain transmission – 15 shafts to regulate the quantity of the fertilizer distributed. Fertilizer hopper capacity: 150L Volumetric microgranulator …