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  • Blackberry Varieties

    EMCO CAL’s blackberry product line includes primocane and floricane varieties developed by the University of Arkansas (UA) and the United States Department of Agriculture/Oregon State University (USDA/OSU) in the United States. Primocane blackberries produce fruit on a first year cane and do not require dormancy. Growers can achieve two crops per year with primocane varieties in many countries. Floricane blackberries require winter chill and produce fruit on second year canes.
  • Fortuna™ Brand (Florida Fortuna Strawberry Variety)

    In 2004, the University of Florida strawberry breeding program released the short-day cultivar, Florida Radiance. EMCO CAL protected and introduced the variety as Florida Fortuna outside the US and Canada. Selected for earliness, fruit quality, and productivity, the Florida Fortuna variety has a proven track record in high value, fresh market, winter production regions.