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1st km Velvento Kozanis
50400 Velvento


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +30 6993549897
Fax: +30 2464031924

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In 1958 a group of producers from the area of Kozanis’ Velventos establishes ASEPOP VELVENTOS for the purpose of improving the cultivation and marketing of the agricultural products of the Velventos area. Over the years, peaches have become the main product of the area.
After half a century of steady rise ASEPOP VELVENTOS counts approximately 400 active members and constitutes a healthy Co-operative that has managed to become known beyond the Greek borders thanks to its excellent quality products and the modern agricultural methods it applies.

During the last years ASEPOP implements a total quality production system and is certified according to ISO, HACCP, GLOBALGAP and EUREPGAP.
Since 2002 ASEPOP VELVENTOS has implemented a total quality product management system according to AGRO 2.1 2.2. The importance of this system to the producer as well as the consumer is critical since it safeguards the excellent quality of the product, something that is a major concern for the Co-op.
All the producers seek the advice of the geotechnical department before applying any cultivating care. Every year new cultivating methods that have previously been successfully tried in other areas are experimentally implemented.
All the producers are obliged to record all cultivating cares that they apply to their farms for the purpose of having a safe and quality product.

The Co-op’s main product are the famous Velventos peaches. The last few years the Co-op is collaborating with ASEPOP TYRNAVOU and is handling a quantity of the latter’s peaches, nectarines and pears. In addition, the
Co-op collaborates with producers from the Tihio area of Kastoria who entrust their total produce, about 500,000 kg, to ASEPOP VELVENTOS. Another corner stone in the history of the Co-op is the collaboration with producers from the Skala area of Lakonia who cultivate hyper precocious peaches and who shall also trade them through ASEPOP VELVENTOS. From this year the area of Argyropoulio has followed the example of ASEPOP TYRNAVOU by bringing its produce to ASEPOP VELVENTOS. Thus, the total volume of sales reaches 12,000,000 kg approximately.

All Co-ops products are moved by refrigerating trucks. Each truck is loaded only after ensuring that the products and the truck have the appropriate temperatures. ASEPOP VELVENTOS besides peaches, nectarines and apples, which constitute the main volume of its products, trades also in plums, cherries, nasy, quinces, apricots and various vegetables, with the tomato as the main product, and a total produce of approximately 450,000 kg.

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