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9000 - Big self-propelled vegetable harvester on tracks

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Product description

Big self-propelled vegetable harvester on steel or rubber tracks, suitable for harvesting all green leafy vegetables such as baby leaf, rocket, spinach, basil, aromatic herbs, beets,...

Fitted with a turbo four-cylinder motor, a stiff hot zip galvanised frame, ideal for large and often wet plots in the field, for high hourly yields, whatever the weather conditions, mud, rain, etc.

The part quality and the enforced technical solutions comply with ORTOMEC style for such a top quality product.
Plenty of customizations and applicable accessories for the unit, to comply with the customer request of new collection solutions.

Harvesting head width: from 130 to 180 cm.
Track width: from 135 to 215 cm.

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Exhibitor profile

ORTOMEC is an Italian company specialized in manufacturing green leaf harvesters and seeders, suitable for cutting and harvesting baby leaf, rocket, parsley, spinach, corn salad, beet...

It was founded in 1998, when four people with more than 15 years experience behind them came together from two sectors crucial to this company development: engineering and vegetables farming.

Thanks to the know-how and innovative approach brought in by these young people, the new company quickly established itself as leader in the vegetables harvesting and sowing machines sector. Their combined expertise allowed them to introduce, in a market still rather poor with regard to farming automation, a number of new machines perfectly designed from the mechanical point of view, and totally innovative in their functional features.

The excellent market response led to ORTOMEC being now present as a manufacturer and distributor company all over the world, capable to tailor its machines to the most varied customers needs, covering a range of different soils and countries. The company is supported by a valid technical department, in charge of planning and developing and equipped with the most advanced computer systems. It can also rely on a large factory space, with several departments where the machines are built and assembled.

In the last few years Ortomec showed its reliability and standards by perfecting its machines and diversifying its product range with even more advanced accessories, introducing and launching new prototypes, always well received by the market.

ORTOMEC is located in the Venice area, and can easily be reached from Venice "Marco Polo" airport and the motorway network.

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