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Product description

Automac 75 and Automac 95 are Gruppo Fabbri’s answer to the increasingly pressing demands for improved performances from packaging centres and industrial production lines.
Evolution in technical, functional and aesthetic terms, of Automac 55 Più, with the same footprint they increase performance in terms of strength, durability and reliability, maintaining flexibility in the format change and raising the maximum speed of packaging up to 75 or 90 packs per minute respectively.
The new touch-screen monitor, furthermore, allows you interacting with the machines quickly and easily, facilitating packing and
maintenance operations.
The sleek, elegant lines of Automac 75 and Automac 95, made entirely of stainless steel and aluminium, cover an advanced film unwinding and tensioning system, ensuring a perfect print centring and a smooth and fast packaging process.
Designed with attention to details and the needs of the operator, Automac 75 and Automac 95 position themselves at the top of
currently in force safety standards and offer a comfortable and protected work area.


Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.

Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.


Exhibitor profile

Fabbri Group is a unique provider and worldwide leader of total packaging solutions for the food-packaging sector (machines, films, after sales service). With a consolidated turnover of approx. € 100 million, around 23,000 machines installed worldwide, 500 employees and 160 international patents, the Group’s mission is “creating value for our customers and pursuing sustainable business development, offering innovative and effective solutions to the worldwide fresh food market”.

The Group operates in the fresh food processing and packaging sectors as well as in the retail world. To these reference markets, we offer a synergic combination of high quality wrapping and tray-sealing machines, innovative packaging films and an extensive service network.

Fabbri Group has its Head Office in Vignola (Modena – Italy), 3 branch office in Italy (Milan, Rome, Brescia), 4 production plants (3 in Italy and 1 in Switzerland) and 5 foreign commercial offices (France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Russia).

Fabbri Group can boast the following certifications:
  • UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A., Gruppo Fabbri Svizzera S.A., Fabbri Group France S.A.S.)
  • UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A., Gruppo Fabbri Svizzera S.A.)
  • OHSAS 18001:2007 (Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.)
  • EMAS (Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A.)
  • BRC (British Retail Consortium - Gruppo Fabbri Svizzera S.A.)
The Group operates in approx. 80 countries worldwide, being completely integrated in the distribution chain and standing out for its great and constant care of the customers’ needs.

Our seats:
  • Gruppo Fabbri Vignola S.p.A. - Vignola/Milan
  • Automac Service - Rome
  • Gruppo Fabbri (Svizzera) SA - Muzzano (Ticino)
  • Automac UK Ltd. - Middlewich (Cheshire)
  • Fabbri Group France S.A.S. - Gentilly Cedex (Paris)
  • Fabbri Walstar GmbH - Köln
  • LLC Gruppo Fabbri RU - Moscow

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