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Product description

The BeTrack Electric tractor can be used with manual control or unmanned to run the harvesting trolley from the greenhouse to the processing area and back. The BeTrack Electric tractor is characterised by its versatility and user-friendliness.
With its low step and simple controls, the BeTrack Electric tractor is convenient for manual use. Moreover, the BeTrack Electric tractor is environmentally friendly, noiseless and extremely manoeuvrable.
The BeTrack can be manually or automatically controlled. By means of induction technology, the electric tractor runs autonomously through an unloading unit, so that the harvesting trolleys can be individually unloaded at the right positions.
Built-in sensors prevent collisions or dangerous situations.
Induction control
Berg Hortimotive has its own in-house induction specialists who can design and lay any induction route between the greenhouse and the shed. One or more tractors can also be controlled using a central control with visualization software, so that you always know where your tractors are


Berg Hortimotive

Berg Hortimotive


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Berg Hortimotive

Berg Hortimotive is the global market leader regarding internal logistics in the horticulture sector. We provide solutions for cultivating crops, as well as for transporting and processing the harvested product. Our products guarantee both operational convenience and higher yields within the working environment. With many years of experience we have built up a reputation for providing reliable solutions for issues regarding yields in relation to both software and hardware. Berg Hortimotive is supported globally by its extensive dealer network that guarantees excellent service and after sales service facilities to the end-users.

Horticulture driven by Dutch experience!

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