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Maidstone, Kent Redwall Lane, Linton
ME17 4BB
United Kingdom


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +44 1892 838800

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Founded over 40 years ago, Berry Gardens is the UK’s leading berry and stone fruit production and marketing group with a turnover of £346million, a market share in excess of 40% during the UK season and a year round business supplying all of Britain’s leading retailers. We are wholly owned by UK growers making the Berry Gardens proposition unique, whether you are a consumer, retailer, UK grower or overseas producer. Our co-operative roots mean we can promise honesty and openness in our dealings and deliver this to all stakeholders. We are specialists –this means that year round berries and UK stone fruit are all that we do. We have a genuine passion and pride in our product, clearly seen through our commitment to quality and our year round offering of the very best tasting fruit. As farmers and producers ourselves, we respect our land and our environment; as marketers and distributors, we respect the expertise and needs of everyone in the chain and with our unrivalled expertise and passion for the product we aim to ensure the best possible eating experience.

Berries were once available in the UK during a very short domestic season during the months of June and July for strawberries and raspberries, and August for blackberries.

We have worked hard to extend the season of our UK production and now produce strawberries and raspberries from May to October, and blackberries from June to September. British blueberries are now also grown from mid June to September. However our British growers cannot produce berries which taste of summer in the late autumn, winter and early spring, and this is where our overseas partners and suppliers come in.

Berry Gardens has close links with the very best growers in all the key non UK season supply areas. We have worked hard to ensure we forge relationships with like minded growers and groups who share our values and our passion for quality. Offering year round supply of all berry types, we now look to differentiate our offer using the very best eating varieties.

All this hard work means consumers can enjoy great tasting and healthy berries whenever they want to, and at good value too.


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