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Working together for tomorrow's agriculture

CIRAD is the French agricultural research and international cooperation organization working for the sustainable development of tropical and Mediterranean regions.
Companies, research centres, universities and institutions: CIRAD can offer solutions and work with you to foster innovation in developing countries and conduct R&D activities.

CIRAD offers its customers and partners a wide range of products, appraisals, services, studies and advice :

1- seeds, variety development, nursery tree
  • High-yielding Cirad varieties of tropical fruits and vegetables adapted to novel farming and marketing systems : citrus, dessert banana and plantain, sugarcane, vanilla, onions, roots and tubers: cassava, sweet potato, yam and taro
  • In vitro plantlets of banana and pineapple distributed by our subsidiary, Vitropic SA. The firm also provides appraisal services for the design, supply and management of industrial-scale nurseries.
2- Cultivation systems
  • Protected horticultural systems.
  • Advice and methods related to cultural techniques for a quality product while minimizing inputs, especially pesticides thus supporting the agro-ecological transition away from intensive monocultures (banana, pineapple),
  • Coordination of integrated development projects.
  • Integrated pest and disease management (i.e. coffee berry borer Brocap trap & IPM..).
3- Post harvest technical systems
We have the skills and technologies to improve and optimize processing techniques, taking into account the various aspects of food quality (sensorial, nutritional, safety and health benefits) throughout the processing stages.
  • Fruit and vegetable technologies
  • Coffee and cacao processing.
  • Roots and tubers processing (cassava, yam, and other tropical tubers).
  • Post-harvest technology of tropical cereals : rice, fonio, millets, sorghum
  • Drying of processed agrifood products (fruit chips, rolled cereal products, etc.).
  • Harnessing coconut tree products.
  • Quality management in the industries.
  • Food safety.
4- Market research/analyses
  • Agro-economic studies of fruit supply chains.
  • Life cycle analyses of tropical horticultural crops.
  • Evaluation of the environmental impacts of horticultural systems.
Cirad experts posted in Montpellier, in the French Overseas Department and in the Southern countries, have developped state-of-the-art technologies and can provide tailormade solutions to your tropical Fruit & Vegetable challenges.

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