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Continuous Flow Patented Washing and Treatment System Mod. Camel

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Product description

The Camel system gently transport even fragile products while maintaining quality levels well within the most stringent specifications.

This revolutionary design is utilizing the proven technology of the closed pipe flume concept without the use of a centrifugal pump for product movement. in this closed flume, the product contact time with the sanitizing water solution is accurately controlled guaranteeing full submersion and a precise treatment time. Its compact design, makes it easy to retrofit existing operations with limited space, while improving the washing operations and minimizing water requirements.

Each system is custom designed -with many available options- to suit each specific product and facility requirements.

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Turatti provides a comprehensive range of competencies that enable the processors to add quality, safety and value to their food products through sustainable solutions. The group is among the top suppliers of food processing systems in the world, delivering innovative solutions to serve the Fresh-cut and Ready Meals industry, in addition to the established Preserved, Frozen and Dehydrated ones. Turatti supplies standard machines or designs complete tailor-made systems, constantly investing to improve the quality and performance through a combination of know-how and innovation.

Turatti has a long history of leadership in the food industry, boasting a wide experience in the agro industrial sector, where it has been operating for as many as four generations, designing and constructing machines and plants. The company has its head office in the Veneto region (not far from Venice) in an area that is traditionally dedicated to agricultural activities and it was founded in 1869.The company's activities have evolved during the course of the decades, varying from the construction of machinery for agriculture to the design and construction of machinery and plants for the agro industrial industry. Nowadays Turatti became a leading global player operating worldwide also thanks to its state-of-art facilities located in US (Turatti North America Inc.) and the brand-new one in Ha Noi, Viet Nam (Turatti Pacific Co. Ltd.).

To achieve a high standard of quality offering numerous competitive advantages to companies in the food processing field, Turatti focus incessantly on innovation. The research and planning phase involves permanent cooperation with numerous Italian and foreign universities: the result is the large number of international patents. Leading worldwide groups rely on Turatti for finding solutions to their requirements, thanks to a cooperation that very often goes beyond the standard customer-supplier relationship for then becoming a joint research team.

The production organization for work orders involves efficient integration of the various departments, which operate in a synergic fashion during each of the various phases that lead up to the machinery construction.
Particular attention is paid to finishing and to quality control, once construction has been completed, and which is carried out in special areas by experienced technicians.

The group has built a strong presence around the world. A global network enables Turatti to deliver local service wherever and whenever customers are requesting assistance and support.

The company engineers and manufactures customized complete processing lines for fruit and vegetables and hundreds of different equipment like (but not limited to) corers, sorters, graders, cutters, washers, treatment tanks, spin dryers, dewatering, tunnels, peelers, coolers, mixers, blanchers, fruit and customized equipment.

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