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Yeni Bosna Mah. Mustafa Pisak cad. Dogu Sanayi Sit. 9. Blok No1
34100 Istanbul


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +90 215 5525178
Fax: +90 212 5525178

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Exhibitor profile

Deka Plastic, a company that mainly produces modified atmosphere bags and retail bags for the fresh produce industry, has been in business for the last 25 years. The company is responsible for a ‘new generation of modified atmosphere – modified humidity (MA­MH) bags’ developed using several nanotech compounds. The product was developed and marketed by Deka Plastic under the name Trendlife Gold.

In addition to the products marketed under the trade name of Trendlife Gold, our recent innovative product is Strech MAP.

StretchMap is the first stretchable MA-MH Pallet Cover in the world for the fresh produce industry.
StretchMap Pallet Cover is able to control excessive amount of relative humidity inside pallet cover which is very critical to extend storage life of fresh produce by suppressing decay development. Regular pallet covers are very inferior in controlling relative humidity inside the pallet. Fresh produce exporters place 750 -1000 kg fresh produce inside each pallet and such amount of fresh produce release high amount free water molecules to the atmosphere inside the pallet. Any pallet cover which is inferior in reducing humidity causes a sharp increase in decay incidence at the end of storage period.
The advantages of using StretchMap Pallet Cover are as following:
  1. StretchMap Pallet Cover is easy to use with its stretchable property, needs less labor in application and it takes only few minutes to cover whole pallet. It takes much more time to close hundreds of small size MA bags used in the boxes of each pallet. In addition, pallet coves available in the market are not stretchable and take more time to cover whole pallet.
  2. StretchMap Pallet Cover used to cover 750-1000 kg fresh produce is superior to small size (5-20 kg) regular MA/MH bags in controlling humidity, decay development and thereby, extending storage life.
  3. StretchMap Pallet Cover is ready to be used to extend the storage life of all fresh fruits and vegetables while that of regular pallet cover may be used on few fresh produce.

Trendlife Gold MA-MH bag is the first active’ MA-MH bag in the world for the fresh fruit industry and have significant advantages compared to regular MA-MH bags used by the industry for many years.
Trendlife Gold Point MA-MH bag is able to release some compounds in the size of nano molecules to the modified atmosphere where fresh product is placed. NanoTech compounds, released to the atmosphere from the film of MA bag, are able to react with excessive water molecules released from the produce. NanoTech compounds which we call nanotubes are able to destroy excessive water molecules and keep the humidity level to a certain level. These bags are able to control decay development indirectly by reducing humidity inside the bag.
A specific version of Trendlife Gold is developed to inhibit the growth of pathogens and infections especially in the most critical periods of storage by releasing some antimicrobial molecules to the atmosphere. Antimicrobial bags are able control decay development directly by released antimicrobial substances.

Biz Chances

Our company is manufacturing plastic packaging materials for 20 years in istanbul turkey. We specialized modified atmosphere bags for fresh produce. We have standard size and also can manufacture custom sizes. Labelling is possible.
We have been looking for local distributors in some countries.