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Freshfel Europe European Fresh Produce Association


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Rue de Treves 49-51, bte 8
1040 Brüssel


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +32 2 7771580
Fax: +32 2 7771581

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Freshfel Europe is the European Fresh Produce Association representing the interests of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector in the EU and beyond. Freshfel's membership incorporates both companies and national associations, including production, trade, logistics, retailing and service providers. Freshfel Europe represents and defends the interests of its members towards the various European institutions in Brussels and also serves as a platform for the sector at large to discuss matters of common concern. For the sector, Freshfel acts as a platform to meet, to share views and to gear positions towards one another.

Freshfel’s mission is to seek greater efficiency in the sector in fostering harmonisation, to facilitate international trade, to address food safety issues and to foster the promotion of fresh produce across Europe to stimulate the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables across Europe. With its EnjoyFresh and KidsEnjoyFresh initiatives, Freshfel is reaching out to spread the message of why it is good to “Enjoy Fresh Fruit and Vegetables”. On its FreshQuality website, available to the industry for free. Freshfel collects information relating to applicable legislation (quality, food safety etc.) in the EU. The Freshfel Consumption Monitor, published once a year, gives an overview of the production, trade and consumption trends of fresh fruit and vegetables in Europe generally and per EU member state. The Consumption Monitor is free for Freshfel members and available for purchase by non-members.

The topics discussed within Freshfel Europe include food safety, traceability, certification, market access barriers in third countries, trade facilitation, fresh produce wholesale markets, EU bilateral trade negotiations, WTO negotiations, Common Market Organization for fruit and vegetables, EU export policies, phytosanitary and pesticide legislation, promotion, etc. On these and many more topics, Freshfel Europe regularly updates members and communicates the views of the European fresh produce industry to the European institutions and other external partners. A detailed activity report and membership application form are available on the Freshfel website.

Freshfel has also partnership and secretariat arrangements with several other organisation such as EUROPATAT (European Potato Trade Association), WAPA (World Apple and Pear Association), SHAFFE (Southern Hemisphere Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters), ESSA (European Sprouted Seed Association), and Growing Media Europe.