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MARCO Trac-IT Quality Control Module (QCM)

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Product description

Due to the increasing restrictions from health and safety regulations within the fresh produce industry, retailers are requiring more and more transparency when it comes to how products are handled throughout the supply chain. It is therefore vital to prove that you are complying to these regulations in order to meet retailer demands.

The MARCO Trac-IT Quality Control Module (QCM) enables quality control operators to access and share necessary information at the click of a button. It has been specifically developed to enable businesses to regulate and automate quality control procedures across all areas of production. QCM performs structured quality checks through a configurable scoring system, each answer is recorded against the individual or aspect of the business in accordance to pre-set targets. This enables you to quickly identify areas needing improvement, ranging from common machine faults to pack presentation.

QCM utilises MARCO’s QC Master, a rugedized tablet which comes with an 8 mega pixel camera enabling you to capture detailed pictures instantaneously and upload them to a secure server proving a job has been completed or highlighting an area of concern. Scanning a barcode will automatically populate the relevant questionnaire to the unique station, eliminating human error in selecting the correct personnel.

No more paper. QCM will store all information on the MARCO server, enabling you to access all recorded data. Using preconfigured report templates, you can automatically save or email images, reports, and videos to the relevant person or file location.

Full integration with the MARCO Trac-IT Yield Control Module also shows the QC rating of individual operators on your DataMaster. Assigning specific questionnaires to a specific product ensures that the correct procedures are enforced at the right time.

  • Monitors and improves operator performance
  • Full supply chain transparency
  • Eradicates paper reporting
  • Provides visual evidence of proof of quality, performance, and improvement areas
  • Ensures compliance with retailers regulations

  • Operated through a ruggedized QC Tablet with 8MP camera
  • Gathers data via configurable questionnaires
  • Results are communicated wirelessly to the MARCO server for storage and distribution
  • Rates effectiveness of QC operators against pre-set targets

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MARCO Limited

MARCO Limited


Exhibitor profile

MARCO Limited is a globally recognised UK technology company, founded in 1985 , specialising in productivity-enhancing hardware and software solutions for manufacturing and packaging operations.

MARCO offer innovative pack house and factory floor solutions that provide control from the arrival of the raw material to dispatch of the packed product. Increased productivity and profitability are central to the MARCO product delivery with a full return on investment typically achieved within twelve months from installation. MARCO’s engineers design, build, install and support all MARCO’s hardware and software applications, ensuring these are truly fit-for-purpose and easily integrated with existing factory operations and higher-level business systems.

These systems are based on the MARCO Trac-IT suite of products, which, via weighing-centric controls, are designed to maximise productivity, virtually eradicate overpack, monitor and accurately score operator performance, identify unaccountable losses and ensure pack consistency. These deliverables provide a clear and tangible ROI. The data generated from MARCO’s systems also provide real time reporting, allowing management to make informed decisions about all aspects of their packing operations, leading to sustained and measurable increases in profitability.

The MARCO Trac-IT suite of modules improves productivity whilst minimising overpack/giveaway, reducing waste and provides full traceability throughout the whole production process. MARCO’s solutions have resulted in improved yields, reduced waste, and greater profitability for our customers across a range of industries.

Installations range from stand-alone yield control solutions to a packhouse wide MES system – both providing visibility and control within the packing environment, allowing managers to calculate and compare individual operator performance and total productivity.

MARCO’s continuous investment and innovation in internal processes ensure delivery of complete customer satisfaction. In-house capabilities ranging from product design, metal work fabrication through to software development enable MARCO to provide a complete solution that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations.

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