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Product description

Talana Farm has exported quality peas into Europe for over a decade.

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Talana Farm

Talana Farm


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Description and export related activity

Talana Farm is an area of land that is devoted to agricultural production with the primary objective of food production. Talana covers an area of 691 hectares (1,707 acres), with another 100 hectares rented from a neighbor. It is engaged in livestock production (cattle and pigs), horticulture, commercial maize, seed maize, seed and commercial wheat production. The farm employs an average of 130 permanent workers with a varying number of seasonal workers. Production is all year round with irrigation during the dry season.

We are engaged in horticulture exports with peas being the only crop currently. Two peas varieties are exported namely Sugar Snap Peas and Mangetout. Talana Farm has also been selected by PUM, through Zim Trade to be one of three Best Model Farms in the country. This will be focused on up-scaling internally and upskilling surrounding farmers in the region.

  1. For EU Export

We have been exporting peas (mangetout and sugar snap) only for over a decade. Total average area under peas is 30 hectares. We are looking at also exporting butternut squash and fine beans which the farm grows locally. Talana Farm shall be embarking on a blueberry project in 2020.

b. For National Sales

Farm local vegetable sales include butternut squash, pumpkin, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, green and red peppers and some table peas. Total area under these vegs 20 hectares.

Export packaging details

For our packaging we use branded boxes under the trade name Southern Fresh with a different colored box for each product. These boxes range from 1.5kg boxes, 2kg boxes and 3kg boxes. In addition to loose, we also offer product in punnets and these are in 150 and 250 grams. Our products are also liner proofed to maintain and ensure freshness. From the farm we use a refrigerated truck to maintain the cold chain of our product to the airport.

Products we anticipate to have in the near future

Talana Farm is looking at expanding its export base, both motivated by the farm’s vision, and the readiness of the market to take on produce the farm is able to produce and the full utilization of infrastructure and human resources. This expansion will include the following produce:

Blueberries – Talana Farm has embarked on a blueberry project with the first planting to occur by August 2020. The farm will commence with 3 hectares, with the view of having 15 hectares of blueberries at the end of 2022.

Sweet Potato & Fine Beans - These are products the farm grows for local produce and enquiries and recent engagement with markets have motivated the need to make these export crops, commencing 2020.

Butternut Squash – Talana Farm is a major producer of butternut squash within Zimbabwe growing up to 20 hectares at any given time, and there has been a big push to look into exporting from its customer base. The first planting of export variety (pluto) butternut will occur at the beginning of February 2020, and should the market respond positively, the farm will look to make this a key export.

Oranges and Avocados – Up to 100 hectares have been set aside for the planting of orange and avocado trees. This is a longer term project, with meaningful harvests expected to take place from 2024.

Quality and Standards Certification

We have achieved European Global GAP certification throughout the last decade and are working towards SMETA certification in 2020 as well.


We have a robust pack house with recently installed chiller rooms to add to the existing ones which provide cooling and pre cooling of our products. We carry out sorting and grading in an air-conditioned packing shed. Extensive supporting equipment and facilities are at hand in supporting existing and planned activity.

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