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Trade visitor

Nino Melitauri

Trade visitor of

Expertise and Management Team Global

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Nino Melitauri

Trade visitor of Expertise and Management Team Global

Executive director

Phone / Fax:
Phone: +995558299183
Mobile: +995558299183
Fax: +995 558 29 91 83


Expertise and Management Team Global
0191 Tbilisi

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EMTG is a Georgian export/import planning and management company, whose goals are inspired by the EU/Georgia Association Agreement, for deepening trade relations between European Union and Georgia. To this end, the company elaborates export/import planning and implementation services for Georgian and European entrepreneurs. We aim at minimizing export/import-related risks and increase profits for both exporters and importers through optimized procedures with higher efficiency.

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We have two research branches. The first is trade consulting and management for export and import, entry barriers analysis on specific markets, based on our expert knowledge and statistical/econometric/data science analysis, and the other, is investment portfolio management. The broad list of what we offer as services covers e.g. Competitiveness Analyses at the level of a country, an industry, or a farm. As a result, we can figure out strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or risks.


We have in offer fruits, vegetables and berries originated in Georgia. Dried berries, fruits and mixed-teas