Portable Nondestructive Fruit Quality Meter H-100F

Product of Sunforest Co.

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Product description

*  Applicable fruits : Apple, Pear, Peach, Orange
Measuring items : TSS (Brix), Dry Matter, Chlorophyll, Browning, etc,

SUNFOREST H-100F is a portable tool that can measure the traits of a fruit hanging on the tree as it is, not necessarily picking up nor break down of a fruit.   H-100F can allow agricultural producer to know the ripeness state of a fruit and to judge optimal harvest time of their produce, and to reduce inequalities in fruit batches.    In addition, it can be used as a useful tool in postharvest quality inspection at produce outlet and fruit market. Consequently H-100F aids agricultural suppliers to improve fruit quality and crop management process for the benefit of farmers, retailers, and consumers. 
SUNFOREST H-100F delivers chemometric-based measurements with best stability and repeatability, and reliable accuracy necessary for portable non-destructive analyzer.

One of the most outstanding advantages with H-100F is that a Calibration equation program is provided as a bundle in the package.   Designed in user friendly mode, the Calibration Equation program allows clients to build individual specific Calibration Equation into H-100F instrument fitting with their own cultivating environment and cultivars.   Under the Calibration Equation program provided, the accuracy of measurement can be enhanced.   (Calibration Equation is the way of estimating ingredients of a fruit in spectroscopy technology and is the very key element to chemometric-based analyzer).
In addition, Sunforest H-100F can be used as a useful tool of a crop management system:

  • H-100F measured data to be displayed on Smartphone  via bluetooth communication
  • Data uploading to designated internet server  via Smartphone or PC