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For over 25 years Cravo Retractable "flat roof" greenhouses have been used to protect rain tolerant outdoor crops from excessive heat, cold, wind and hail.

One of the major benefits of this house design is with one roof covering, it functions as on open field and both as a greenhouse and a shade house with the same roof covering.

They are the most economical retractable roof design available and are designed to cover large areas. One motor can close 9,000 sq m or 100,000 sq ft of roof in 6 minutes which allows growers to protect their field crops quickly.

They have also proven to be very durable since the roof coverings last generally between 8 and 12 years depending on location. They also resistant to extreme weather conditions since not one house (or even roof covering) was lost due to hail or the 6 hurricanes to hit the roofs since 2003.

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Cravo Equipment Ltd.

Cravo Equipment Ltd.


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Meet Cravo’s global team of specialists to learn how our Retractable Roof Greenhouses and automatic retractable field and orchard covers benefit your operation when growing of vegetables, lettuce, small fruit (berries) and tree fruit.

Our Retractable Roof Greenhouses are ideal for growers willing to use the best of mother nature while protecting the crop when necessary from extreme weather.

Culminating from over 3 decades of extensive research and experience, discover how retractable roof greenhouse & cooling houses can protect hectares of crops in minutes from extreme heat, cold, wind, hail, snow and insects.

Cravo has world-wide presence with projects built on six continents.

Visit our stand to see a retractable roof in action or see videos of the entire family of designs including the newest low cost peaked roof structure: the X-FRAME. Cravo is the leader in optimizing weather to provide farmers with a “Farms of the Future” model for improving profitability and giving a 2-4 year investment return (ROI).

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