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Roberto Sepe

Responsabile Affari Generali

Phone / Fax:
Phone: +39 0771 52191

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MOF S.p.A Centro Agroalimentare all'Ingrosso di Fondi

MOF S.p.A Centro Agroalimentare all'Ingrosso di Fondi


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The Wholesale Agrofood Centre of Fondi - MOF - is the biggest and most modern Italian centre for concentration, conditioning and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It is located halfway between Rome and Naples, in one of the most important Italian area for production of fruit and vegetables.

Logistical platform between north and southern Europe, the MOF is the favourite supplier place of Italian metropolises and the great distribution, but also strategic organization for the placement of production of fruit and vegetables for the whole basin of the Mediterranean.

The MOF is geographically 335 hectares and it is divided into two great areas:
- “Area A” consists of 120 concessions (stands) of which 10 are great cooperatives that gather 3.000 local producers;
- “Area B” consists of 80 warehouses for packing, refining, and conserving products according to customers needs.

The complex " MOF System ," besides offering the classical services of the most modern wholesale agrofood centre, is able to give an added value to customers. Every single operator can “personalize” services according to customer needs.

In the middle of one of the most important Italian productive area, the complex " MOF System " promotes and coordinates all the activities related to the agrofood industry: from searching of areas more devoted to production for every product to development and qualification of the local productive system; from packing to commercialization; from product distribution to integrated logistics. Everything is controlled by total quality systems.
In 2009, the volume of good traded at the Wholesale Agrofood Centre of Fondi exceeded 11.207.987 quintals: 5.622.405 quintals vegetables - 3.441.070 quintals fresh fruit - 2.129.604 quintals citrus fruit - 14.908 quintals dried fruit.

MOF facilities consists of warehouses of big dimensions equipped by the most modern preparation areas and cooling equipment to preserve fresh produce; an advanced cold store that can load up to 5 thousand tons of produce; 2 refrigerated preparation rooms of 7.000 square meters with 38 bays for lorries and trailer trucks. Goods maintenance is assured by a large pool of local transport agencies which guarantee the fast delivery of the products everywhere in Europe, with a significant fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

A modern laboratory (MOF LAB) created to control and certificate quality of the produce in transit in the Wholesale Agrofood Centre of Fondi, supports growers, operators and suppliers with high techniques and efficiency. This modern-equipped lab, thanks to the high skilled staff and the numerous samples tested, is very active in the identification of plant protection products and pesticide residues.

The constant monitoring of production processes, through systems of traceability and the presence of MOF LAB guarantee the provenance, quality and food safety of products MOF.

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