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Fontbote, S.L.

Fontbote, S.L.


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High quality brushes for fruit processing

Brush fibres come in contact with fruit while it is being washed, brushed, waxed, calibrated and even protected so they must be made from materials suitable for use with food products.

At Fontbote we manufacture high quality cylindrical strip brushes that can be adapted for use with the most common equipment used in fruit processing. These brushes are made with recoverable stainless steel cores, making them fast as well as economical.

We also manufacture all types of special brushes for unlimited applications, in any shape and made with a wide variety of fibres and materials.

Effective solutions for every sector

Fontboté products can be found in every productive sector as an auxiliary component in industry or services.
Technical brushes provide an endless number of solutions for increasing producitivity, optimising costs and improving competitiveness. Any application challenge is adressed immediately, always seeking the most effective solution for our customers. A decisive commitment to innovation and a substantial investment in technology has made Fontboté a world leader in the manufacture of strip brushes and StriboPro sets. The properties and characteristics of these brushes make them an easy and practical solution for countless applications, simplifying installation and faciliating transport and storage.

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