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Product description

So Natural launches a new category: Cold pressed Fruit and Vegetable bowls.
A rich blend of fresh juices with a silky texture.
With a range of 3 flavors, is the perfect dairy free solution for breakfast or any day break, maintaining all the freshness and vitamins in a bowl.

3 varieties:
  • Mango Coconut
  • Red Fruits
  • Avocado Spinach

Main benefits:
  • Dairy free on-the-go solution
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Gluten free
  • Option: add granola on top of the bowl!

Available format: 125ml bowl

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So Natural

So Natural


Exhibitor profile

We are a Portuguese company and we are leaders in Europe of Cold Pressed and HPP juices.

Our juices offer a different approach to the cold pressed and HPP juices. Our juices are produced in South Europe (in Portugal) with the best fresh produce from the Mediterranean.
Costumers are becoming more global and educated and tend to search for different flavors that allow them to “travel” to other locations in the world.
  • We only use all natural​ and fresh fruits and vegetables to make our juices
  • We never use concentrates
  • We do not use any other juices to make our own juices
  • We never add any water to the juices
  • We never add any sugar to the juices
  • We never add any preservatives to the juices
  • All the fruit and vegetables we use to make our juices are NON-GMO
  • We just crush and squeeze the fruits and the vegetables to make our juices – COLD PRESS

The secret of our juices is above. Our juice’s great and truly natural flavor and color is due to all the fresh and natural ingredients we use and how we mix them!
Then we use the HPP process, which is just a way to keep the unique quality of our fresh and natural juices!

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