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Achille Grandi 2
43038 Sala Baganza (PR)


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +39 52 1836738
Fax: +39 52 1548884

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Exhibitor profile

TECNO-IND FOOD, founded in 2008 and part of Alutec Group, projects and manufactures any post-harvest solution for fresh vegetables that the nowadays market needs.

The company TECNO-IND FOOD manufactures individual machines and complete plants for the food industry (vegetables, fruit, tomato, milk and meat) .

TECNO-IND FOOD, with its own department dedicated to fresh, manufactures machines and plants for processing fruit and vegetables:
  • Processing of potatoes
  • Processing of carrots
  • Processing of onions and garlic
  • Processing of green beans, spinach, chicory, turnips, beetroots, cucumbers, peppers, zucchini, courgettes, shallot, celeriac and many other kinds of vegetables.
TECNO-IND FOOD manufactures single machines and complete plants for food industry (vegetable, fruit, tomato, milk, meat, fish).
With its highly qualified and experienced technicians and with the support of Alutec Group, TECNO-IND FOOD is able to produce high quality products with maximum reliability gaining numerous references to Italian and foreign companies.

TECNO-IND FOOD manufactures:
  • Machinery for processing tomato and fruit
  • Machinery for the production of fruit juices and jams
  • Plants for the preparation of sauces and condiments
  • Equipment for the preparation of caramel
  • Concentration Boules
  • Pasteurization Tunnels
  • Heat exchangers for cooking, sterilizing, cooling
  • Syrup Rooms
  • Automatic washing equipment C.I.P.
  • Machinery for the industrial processing of tuna
  • Machinery for the production of canned meat
TECNO-IND FOOD also sells overhauled machines with warranty and retrofit in accordance with applicable european directives.

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