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K Vypichu 502
Prologis Park Prague Rudna

252 16 Nucice
Czech Republic


Phone / Fax:
Phone: +420 312 312733

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Exhibitor profile

Wyma design, manufacture, distribute and service post-harvest vegetable handling equipment and solutions worldwide. Yet, our fresh thinking culture allows us to deliver beyond these core capabilities. Our innovative, effective and robust post-harvest solutions ensure that our customers’ businesses grow to full potential. When you buy Wyma, you buy proven technical innovation and quality, backed up by ongoing service and a deep understanding of your processing needs.

Whether you deal with potatoes, carrots, onions or other bulk vegetables, our fresh thinking is always available to help you keep improving the way you process your vegetables. Wyma’s dry, wash and pre-pack lines are designed in conjunction with you, in a consultative way, to ensure that you are supplied with an effective and long term solution.

Wyma’s product range includes, but is not limited to: Equipment to tip bins of vegetables such as Soft Tip Bin Tippers and Super Tip Bin Tippers Equipment to receive and store vegetables such as Wet Hoppers, Wet Hopper Destoners, Evenflow Hoppers, Creep Feed Hoppers Equipment to convey vegetables such as Belt Conveyors and Flume Conveyors Equipment to remove waste such as Screen Piece Removers, Vibrating Piece Removers, Hedgehog Top Removers Equipment to wash and brush vegetables such as Flat Bed Brushers, Barrel Washers and Pumpkin Brushers Equipment to polish vegetables such as Vege-Polishers and Mega-Polishers Equipment to peel vegetables such as Vege-Peelers Equipment to inspect and grade vegetables such as Roller Inspection Tables and Belt Inspection Conveyors Equipment to size vegetables such as Lift Roller Sizer, Screen Sizers Equipment to cool vegetables such as Hydro-coolers Equipment to dry vegetables such as Tunnel Dryers and Absorbent Drying Rollers Equipment to fill bins of vegetables such as Gooseneck Bin Fillers and Dual Bag/Box Bin Fillers Equipment to recycle water such as Rotary Drum Filters.

Customer Testimonials
The handling of our potatoes with the Wyma equipment certainly makes them cleaner and shinier. The quality obtained hence meets our customers wishes who want an impeccable produce. Since the installation of the Wyma lines, we think that our customers are very satisfied with the presentation of the potatoes, and we are able to supply them within short time frames due to our increased hourly throughput.
Morgan Haumont, fenaco-LANDI group, Switzerland.

We have worked with our new Wyma washing line for 4 months. Our carrots are really glossy and we were surprised by the cleaning and brushing quality, in particular for the batches coming from black soils, which are difficult to clean. The brushing aspect of our carrots is very appreciated by our customers. We are also satisfied with the quality of the Wyma equipment; and we did not meet any problems during the installation and commissioning.
Rolland Stoll, Stoll Freres, Switzerland.

We have been using the Vege-Polisher for 6 months and have had virtually no trouble to speak of. The adjustability of the Vege-Polisher can compensate for different varieties we run through our plant, and with different soil types encountered. We have found excellent potato polishing.
Russel Leonardson, Idaho Select Inc. U.S.A.

The equipment is well made and should last a long time...The whole line just works as I want it to work which is pretty unusual when you buy something else these days.
Peter Wickham, Wickham Farms. Australia.

The Vege-Polisher is extremely durable and efficient, it uses less water and handles produce very gently. significantly, it has reduced our grading time by 75%. Wyma have been easy to deal with and provide an excellent service.
Sam and Harry Das, B Das & Sons. New Zealand.