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  • ...Mmmbrosia. Sweet by Nature

    Product of Ambrosia®
    • Hall 23 A-12
    What is an Ambrosia apple?The Ambrosia apple is an apple variety that was discovered by the Mennell family in Cawston, British Columbia. The original tree was a “chance” seedling, meaning that an apple dropped on the ground and a tree grew from one of the seeds. The parentage of Ambrosia remains unknown, but it may be a cross of Starking Delicious and Golden Delicious because those were the varieties of trees growing in that orchard. The original Ambrosia mother tree is still located in the Menn…
  • "Alpine Premium"

    "Alpine Premium" is our export brand for our fresh apples , pears , cherries ,etc. but also for our dried or frozen apple convenience products. For more details please visit our website : www. alpinepremium.com   
  • "Alpine Premium" Fresh Apples

    Product of Alpine Premium
    • Hall 21 F-03
    "Alpine Premium" apples in 18kg telescopic carton , 4-5 layers , bagged and/or waxed depending on variety "Alpine Premium" apples in 13kg open-top carton , double layer "Alpine Premium" apples in 10 x 500g punnet , single layer "Alpine Premium" appes: Golden Del. , Gala , Braeburn , etc.
  • "Made in Azerbaijan"

  • "Pook" coconut chips

    Product of PookSpaFoods GmbH
    • Hall 21 C-11
    Thai coconuts are amazing, a rich source of the "good for you kind" of fats, protein, fiber and minerals. It's no wonder they are known as the "Tree of Life" to the Thai people. And in the unique form of my naturally sweet & savory coconut chips, they become a delicious and versatile whole food snack that tastes great and is still nutritious for you. It really is a superfood that can stave off that nagging hunger while nourishing that much needed energy! And oh yeah, cannot forget it is perfect …
  • 100% Fresh: Ready to Heat Potatoes

    Product of Celavita B.V.
    • Hall 3.2 A-14
    A range consisting of 100% cooked potatoes that cannot be distinguished from fresh potatoes in terms of appearance and flavour. This range is packed in 400 gr. dishes. Advantages: 100% potato, no artificial additives Quicker to prepare than fresh potatoes. Can be eaten both cold and hot 100% fresh sensation Longer shelf life of 21 days Range: Mini baby potatoes without added flavourings Slices without added flavourings …
  • 128 cells trays

    Trays suitable for flower young plants: crafted plants, vegetative reproduction. Tray in Danish size (54x30cm) with feet stackable.
  • 16 bayerische Kartoffelerzeugergemeinschaften

    • Hall 21 D-09
    Die 16 bayerischen Kartoffelerzeugergemeinschaften sorgen für eine regionale Versorgung der Verbraucher mit Kartoffeln oder liefern den Rohstoff für Pommes, Knödelteig und Co. direkt aus der Umgebung, ohne lange Transportwege .
  • 2 Row seed drill corn - sunflower - cotton version

    • Hall 5.1 B-14
    Equalizer model featuring front clod remover and farm flex rear wheel (Ø350 mm, width: 120 mm). Seed hopper capacity: 35L. Distance between the rows from 25 cm to 1m, toolbar 1.50 m (standard configuration with one wheel with 10+10 shafts) Seed drill total weight: 254 Kg. Scroll type fertilizer with delivery to each row, sprocket gearbox with chain transmission – 15 shafts to regulate the quantity of the fertilizer distributed. Fertilizer hopper capacity: 150L Volumetric microgranulator …
  • 2000 - Tractor-mounted harvester

    Product of ORTOMEC SRL
    • Hall 5.1 A-04
    Tractor-mounted vegetable harvester, suitable for harvesting all green leafy vegetables such as baby leaf, rocket, spinach, beets.. Ideal for small plots, it can be easily used in the field and in greenhouses. To be used with a tractor, only 30 kW power. Harvesting head width: from 120 to 180 cm. Track width: from 135 to 200 cm.
  • 2014: completion of working plant 17 lines of which 10 totally fed by drying tunnels supported by dehumidified air

    • Hall 2.2 C-01
  • 2018 Exhibitors in the Canada Pavilion

    Product of Canada Pavilion
    • Hall 23 A-11
    Agri-Food Export Group Québec-Canada BC Blueberry Council BC Cherry Association Canneberges Québec/Baies d’Or/Supra Fruit CFK Ltd. Coastal Fruit Company Consolidated Fruit Packers Ltd (CFP) Government of British Columbia Jardins Paul Cousineau & Fils Inc. Maison de la Pomme Inc. Prince Edward Island Potatoes (PEI) Vergers Paul Jodoin Inc.