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  • BLV HORTURION hybrid lighting solution

    BLV HORTURION hybrid lighting Combination of HPS toplighting and LED interlighting solutions BLV is one of the very few providers in the market that offers a complete range of assimiliation lighting: From lamps and power supplies to complete luminaires and from HPS or MH to LED, all from one source and perfectly synchronised with each other. At FruitLogistica BLV will display its new hybrid solution: the well establised, efficient and reliable HPS lights in combination with high performance LE…
  • BLV Licht- und Vakuumtechnik GmbH

    With the HORTURION series, BLV has been playing a key role in professional horticulture for more than a decade. The company is not only one of the largest producers of HPS lamps in the world, but as one of the few players on the market it offers complete assimilation systems for HPS, MH and LED: power supplies, lamps and luminaires (HPS/MH, LED toplight, LED interlight, LED circular light), all from a single source. Quality, performance, high PAR stability and convincing colour rendering are the…
  • Lukas Schwarz

    Sales Manager Horticulture