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  • Boeny SRL

    Dominican Republic
    We are a company dedicated to the production, marketing, and export of fruits, vegetables, both organic and conventional. Boeny SRL started its operations in 2017 in the Dominican Republic, since its inception it focuses on taking advantage of the great productive potential of our lands and providing truly healthy and organic products, free of any contaminants that could compromise our customers health. We have the largest Mango Organic farm in the Dominican Republic and our own packing facili…
  • GreenPeas

    GreenPeas as a producer of fresh peas for snack and cooking. European producer of Sugar Peas for a snack, ready to eat. Snack peas are the choice of the environmentally friendly consumer, by replacing conventional protein sources. Peas present the highest content of protein, in comparison to other vegetables. Founded in 1977 with base production of fresh handpicked peas, mainly used as a snack A specialized company with 100% focus on one single product Supplier of both retail an…