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  • Dina Abou El Amayem

    Trade visitor of Content Khana for Marketing and PR Agency
    Companies which are needing to expand their work in the Egyptian Market through marketing plans , PR services and advertising . Marketing & PR Services , Event Planning and Management, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Governmental relations management
  • Executive Director (HEIA) Iman Kamel

    Contact person of HEIACert
    Executive Director (HEIA)
  • Communication Manager FAS project Mona Kandil

    Trade visitor of Ftf Food security and agribusiness support FAS project
    Agriculture development program
    facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EFASproject/?modal=admin_todo_tour Agriculture technical assistance to improve the quality characteristics, and increase the productivity of the value chain crops in Upper Egypt. Crops include: tomato, onion, pepper, pomegranate, grapes, basil, thyme, anise, sweet potato, green beans, dry beans, date palm, mango, coriander, cumin. We also facilitate opening new market channels for export