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30300 Nafpaktos
West Greece


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +30 2634304490
Fax: +30 2615000032
Móvil: +30 697 700 7107

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Descripción del expositor

“Angelakis Single Member Private Company” was established in 2014 in Xiropigado, Nafpaktos, for the purpose of standardizing, packaging and trading its products in the Greek and global market.
Our packign house contains the line of sorting and packaging citrus products,mainly oranges and mandarins and 2 cooling rooms, which one is used for pre-cooling room as we ues to do pre-cooling for our products according to the international degree assigned for every product so we are able to deliver our products to target markets in class 1 quality.Also,we export potatoes and watermelons.

Angelakis family has been dedicated to the fruit cultivation in citrus lands for more than 70 years. Over the years they have been evolving to specialize in the production of citrus.

Our products are under severe quality standards, our growing processes , from the very beginning to the harvest, also the packing and distribution are carefully under control in order to achieve the complementation of internationals protocols of fresh fruit trading. Food safety is an essential aspect of our program of the production , our main target and concern is the satisfaction of our customers. It is our compromise to offer the most fresh and tasty fruit. Our safety standards are based in traceability ,which allow us to follow the product from the farm to the very last point of distribution. We are under GLOBAL GAP and ISO regulations from the farms to the packing stations and distribution.


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