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Descripción del producto


The wrapper/stretch machines Automac 55+ of our partner Fabbri Group excel in their high productivity, reliability and enormous flexibility in terms of application. The new Automac 75 offers increased packing speed and longer duration thanks to its sturdier design.

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Descripción del expositor

Over 50 years of tradition and progress coin the family business Frutmac GmbH. As general and global supplier for packaging solutions and machines, we are specialized in the fruit and vegetable sector.

Our machine program contains:
  • NEW 2020: ZIPPMATIC Packaging machine for cardboard foodtainer
  • Blitzmatic+: Foodtainer cardboard-lid application machine
  • Rollex 2000+: crates-film-machine
  • Poker line: automatic crate filling system
  • Jollypack G5: automatic tray filling system
  • Boxer+: automatic crates erector 400x600
  • MiniBoxer: automatic crates erector 300x400
  • Automac 55+: wrapping machine
  • Automac 75: wrapping machine
  • labelling machine and check-weigher Bilanciai
  • Flowpack machine RGD

Our strengths:

fast and flexibly, own technical service, own graphics department, own planning department and product-specific solutions for (special) requests.

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