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Koopliedenweg 10
2991 LN Barendrecht
Países Bajos


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +31 180 643900

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Our unique history
AgroFair was established in 1996 for the unique purpose to launch the concept of the Fairtrade banana on the European market. No other banana companies were interested in the Fairtrade concept. So against all the odds, we decided to do it ourselves. Getting import licenses, access to banana boats and convincing the first customers, was no easy task. Today, AgroFair is still a leading company producing and importing Fairtrade, organic bananas and other organic tropical fruit to the European market. We have seen a massive adoption of Fairtrade bananas. This makes us proud, but especially thankful, as it means we are along in making a large difference to the lives and futures of small fruit producers, plantation workers and their children.

Our unique ownership
Right from the Producer, means that when you deal with AgroFair, you are dealing directly with the producers, without needing to go through all the hassle of buying from individual small producers. AgroFair is owned by various farmer cooperatives. They own 35% of the shares of the company and have a real say in its management. The advantage for the buyer is obvious: you have the advantage of a small producer sourcing, without having the disadvantages. The production support, the quality systems, the certifications, the marine logistics, the import processes, distribution packaging development and marketing support are all-in the hands of a committed and dedicated professional: AgroFair. Silently we work together to offer development chances to small farmers and plantation workers in developing countries. Long-term contracts, a garantueed fixed price, and active support are necessary elements to realise this goal.

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