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Pabellón / Stand


Av. Passo de la Republica 3195 San Isidro
Lima 27


Teléfono / Fax:
Teléfono: +51 14423993
Fax: +51 14423693

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Descripción del expositor

Close to where the Equator cuts the earth with the sun’s strongest warmth, the valley of Piura extends its bountiful fields. Here, the cold waters from the Andes have cut a plain of greenery among the Sands of Peru‘s coastal desert.
Luscious tropical Fruits such as mangoes, passion fruit, papaya and our speciality: Lime varieties like Key Lime end West indian Lime have found optimal habitats, with abundant irrigation water, but no rain, and constant sun.
Since 1983 AGROMAR INDUSTRIAL has been transforming this resources into some of the best available Fresh Tropical Fruits and derivatives products for domestic and international markets.
Our quality has been recognized as the most consistent and commercial in Peru - a country where export of fresh tropical fruits and juices have a long tradition.
Behind our broad range of tropical products, there is a team of skilled and dedicated people who are commited to fulfill our customers needs. We are proud to assure 100% satisfaction guaranteed.