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Miltons Way, 11 Bell Cresent Westlake Business Park, Tokai
Cape Town

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ArcAqua's patented technology uses the physics of adsorption to safely harness the power of ozone gas. The result is an effective zero-residue sanitizer.

Benefits of Arcaqua:

BROAD SPECTRUM SANITIZER Effectively sanitize a wide range of bacterial and fungi
NATURE’S SANITIZER Far more effective than traditional ozone-rich water systems
PHYSICS OF ADHESION Gaps between millions of tiny water droplets safely directed the ozone where it’s needed
NON-CORROSIVE Unlike commonly used chemicals, ArcAqua will not corrode your packhouse equipment
CONSISTENT Always-on technology delivers consistent and reliable results
HASSEL FREE No pH or other chemical related management issues
ZERO RESIDUE A powerful and natural sanitizer that reverts to oxygen, leaving zero chemical residue
WATERWISE Proven to use less water than commonly used total-loss chemical treatments
ORGANIC Suitable for use in organic market (USA)